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The Google Business
Execution Plan

What is the Execution Plan?

Every business has a set of tasks that are repeated over and over again.

If they're smart, they...

  • Identify those tasks.
  • Document them.
  • And improve them each time.

For the last 9 years, building high-performance Google Business Profiles has been a large part of my business.

The Execution Plan is my set of processes for building Google Business Profiles that consistently outperform the market. It's built to accelerate your results.

The Execution Plan is the result of:

  • 381,000 search results pages scraped.
  • Over 1,000,000 Google Business Profiles analyzed.
  • More than 800 Profiles optimized.
Google My Business feedback loop
Phase 1: Profile Optimization
  • Checklists for optimizing all features of your Profile.
  • Clear if-then statements on when you should and should not use a feature.
  • How to effectively optimize and geo-tag your photos.
  • How to get your Profile verified in difficult markets (Google calls them "Your Money or Your Life" markets).

Phase 2: Citations
  • A primer on how to effectively build citations.
  • complete list of citation sources, organized by industry and geography.
  • For those of you who would rather outsource this - I've provided the most reliable (and cost efficient) vendor to do so.
  • An *insider tip* that gives me a competitive edge in almost every market.

Phase 3: Review Velocity
  • Strategies and tools for automating the review process.
  • High leverage executions for ramping up the velocity of your reviews.
  • How to get reviews in "sensitive" industries where people don't want to publicly talk about their experiences.

Phase 4: The E3 Formula
  • Google Business Posts (how-to, examples, templates, and a calendar to follow).
  • Expanding your visibility on Google Search and Maps (by ethically gaming the system).
  • Easy to follow strategies for increasing your Profile's engagement rates.

Tracking Results
  • How to access Insights in your Google Business account (what the data means and its limitations).
  • Free and paid tools for tracking the footprint of your Profile in Google Maps (very insightful, since visibility is partially dependent on user location).

What's inside?

The Execution Plan is a set of processes, organized into 4 phases:

Free Updates for Life

You get free updates and lifetime access for the one-time fee.

Google is constantly making changes to how their search engine works.

The Execution Plan is kept up to date to reflect these changes.

New strategies are also added - once I'm sure they'll improve results.

Here's what you get

The Execution Plan

You get instant access to all of my processes and strategies for transforming your Profile into a revenue engine.

This is the 4-phase framework shown above.

Bonus #1: Engagement Overdrive

This is a special report that lives outside of the Execution Plan.

It outlines a deceptively simple tactic that can be used as a force-multiplier for your Profile.

You'll see calls and visits spike when you use it.

Bonus #2: Weekly "Micro Insights"

Every week - I send my customers one email with a "micro insight".

These are small - but powerful - ways to improve your marketing.

It's all value - *without* the annoying sales spam that you're used to getting.

These are the same insights I share with my clients paying $3,000+ per month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can't I hire an agency to do this for me?

Of course you can.

But it's more expensive - and you won't know if they're doing a good job or not.

Most agencies will charge $6,000 per year to manage your Profile.

($500/month - on an annual contract.)

For most businesses, it's more cost effective to do it themselves.

Especially in this economic environment.

Isn't the Google My Business dashboard going away? I heard it's all through Google Maps now.

A few things:

1. Google My Business is now called "Google Business Profile".

2. If you manage multiple Profiles - you'll still be using the dashboard. It's not going anywhere.

3. If you only manage one Profile - then it can be managed directly on Search and Maps. The Execution Plan shows you how.

4. If you want to optimize your Profile on a mobile device, then you can do that using the Google Maps app. Again - the Execution Plan shows you how.

I'm not a "techie" - will I be able to use this?


The Execution Plan was built for action.

Not to confuse you with a bunch of technical terms.

The processes are kept as simple and as actionable as possible - without compromising results.

I'm a digital marketer who already knows about Google Business Profile. 
Will this be useful?

Hundreds of consultants and agencies have purchased the Execution Plan.

They usually find value in two ways:

1. They find processes that they weren't aware of, which improve results for their clients.

2. The documented processes make the work of optimizing Profiles scalable and repeatable. A very important consideration when trying to grow your business.

I've had my Profile for a while. Will the Execution Plan still add value to my business?


Many companies aren't aware of all the levers they can pull to improve their results.

That's what the Execution Plan shows you.

How fast can I expect results?

Once you've followed the processes, you can expect to see results within 4 weeks.

Most times, they come within 2 weeks.

This is in contrast to traditional SEO, where you may need to wait anywhere between 3-18 months to see the payoff.

"Shawn has worked with our company for a number of years.

During this time he has helped with our success with his innovative strategies and straight forward advice.

As we continue to grow, we see Shawn playing a growing role.  He is an integral part of our team and a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Shawn!"

- Dan Eisner, CEO of True North Mortgage

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Google My Business Execution Plan

 Shawn Joshi 

If you're reading this, then you know how powerful Google Business Profile can be for generating customers.

But you're not happy with your results...

Or you're not sure how to get started without burning time and money.

With that in mind, I would like to present the Execution Plan.

"Shawn, I just want to say how much of a pleasure it was to use your system. 

It was straight forward, right to the point, and for my business extremely effective!

I have managed to rank to the top of Google Maps and now receive a minimum of 40 calls a month from Google.

I am a small HVAC contractor and this is huge for my business. Your program holds incredible value well above the actual cost.

And it doesn't stop there.

You send out emails with tips and tricks on business and they are so simple yet filled with incredible information and insight.

Shawn, hats off to you for changing my business and life with this incredible program. Best decision to date for my business."

- Wesley Pijl, Owner of Kindle Heating & Air 

Special Bonus: The Crisis Letter

This is a letter I sent my clients at the start of the pandemic.

It includes a marketing framework for what to do in uncertain times.

If your budgets are limited - but you still need results - this alone will be worth the price.

What members are saying

Update: Google My Business is now called "Google Business Profile".

Great companies believe in my work

5,700+ companies are using the Execution Plan to get more customers.

Here's what they're saying.

Try the Execution Plan. Risk free.



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Instant Access to the Execution Plan

Bonus: Engagement Overdrive

Bonus: Weekly Micro-Insights

Special Bonus: The Crisis Letter

Free Updates for Life

Backed by the Risk-Free Guarantee

The Risk-Free Guarantee

The only way to know if the Execution Plan is a good fit - is to see it for yourself.

So I want you to try it risk-free for 7 days.

This gives you more than enough time to review all of the processes.

If you don't love the Execution Plan - I'll refund every cent of your money.

All you need to do is email me at this address:

hello [at] shawnjoshi.com

After receiving your request, your refund will be processed within 24 hours.

"Over the last 8 months alone, Shawn has driven more than 4,000 extra leads compared to last year, while also reducing our cost per lead by 27%.

It's been an absolute pleasure working with him."

- Miles Palmer, Owner of GlassMasters Autoglass

"Our business has tripled since working with Shawn. We went from number 4 to number 1 in the local pack within a week."

- Brian Adams, Owner of Only Wood Floors

"Hey Shawn - wanted to drop you a note. It has been three weeks since working with your Google Business plan.

Before that, I was paying an agency to do SEO for my website.

I'd spent a total of $12,000 over six months with them ($1,500 per month and $3,000 for an initial audit).

Over six months, I got a total of one new client from my website.

I was getting impatient, but I know I am not an expert and that it takes time to build a presence for a new website.

Well, since working with your plan, I've gotten 6 new clients over the last three weeks alone.

Thanks to your suggestion to track my listing traffic separately, I can see they are coming from there..

It's early, but nice to see the payoff."

- Jason, Lawyer from San Diego

Jason asked that I keep his full name and business anonymous.

"As an optometry practice in a market as big as Houston, Texas, I never thought I would reach the top ranks on Google search and maps.

My goal was just to try to get on the first page. I tried 2 SEO companies, but neither were able to get me to the first page.

I went out on a limb and bought Shawn's content. I followed it exactly. Not only did I reach the first page, but I have maintained the top rank in my field for 2 years.

I recently moved my business and needed to start over. I emailed Shawn to get the most updated info, and he sent me a link within a day! Truly outstanding product, and truly outstanding service."

- Randy Charrier, Owner of Family Vision Solutions

Randy is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Houston, College of Optometry

"You've done a great job with this guide. You don't know how helpful it is to have an easy to follow process in place for small agency owners.

As an education piece for new hires this is gold."

- Andres Varela, Owner of Canny Digital 

"I just recently started using your GMB optimization strategy with my clients, and looked at the 1-month stats today for the first deployment. Holy smokes! You helped me blow the roof off their visibility."

- Chris Vacano, Founder of Vacano Creative

"I started with 45 reviews before working with Shawn, and now we have over 250. I also have a 24% conversion rate..."

- Sara Krencicki, Owner of Lash Lift

Hi, I'm Shawn Joshi

1. 5,700+ companies use my processes to build revenue engines with Google Business Profile.

(You'll hear from them below.)

2. More than 60,000 business owners have read my research.

3. Over the last 9 years, I've personally optimized 800+ Google Business Profiles.

4. Check my LinkedIn Profile to see my experience.

(The link will open in a new tab - so you won't lose this page.)

My research has been featured on:

What happens when you follow the Execution Plan?

1. It gets you better rankings in Google Search and Maps.

2. Those rankings drive new customers to your business.

3. Those customers add more reviews and engagement to your Profile.

4. This accelerates your visibility - which gets you even more customers.

Most importantly - your revenue grows.

It's a feedback loop that looks like this:

The Execution Plan gets results like this

1. A law firm increased phone calls by 114%.

2. A flower shop doubled foot traffic.

3. An e-commerce store added six figures in extra revenue (by doing this in multiple cities).

4. A home services company increased leads by 750%.

5. A dog trainer turned her hobby into a six figure income. 

6. An agency added 5 figures in monthly recurring revenue (MRR).


Those aren't random, flash-in-the-pan results.

The customers and revenue keep flowing for these businesses, months and years down the road.

Who's this for?

Business Owners + Operators:

This will walk you through everything in an easy-to-apply format.

The goal is to execute - not to confuse you with technical terms.

(If you're busy - you can delegate this to someone else in your company.)


Marketers + Agency Owners:

If you want to offer more value to your clients with Google Business Profile - and make the process of optimizing Profiles scalable and repeatable - this is for you.

Hundreds of agencies use the Execution Plan for their standard operating procedures (SOPs).

"Since implementing Shawn's Execution Plan 4 months ago, we've had a 750% increase in quote requests."

- NT Izuchi, Owner of Prime Spaces

"Your plan has been a huge factor in growing my little dog training business from making hobby income to being on track for six figures this year.

I know this is small potatoes in the real world. But for a one person home based business in a small market, it has been a big blessing to me."

- Meghan Rosenstengel, Owner of Beacon Bay Dog Training

"I had some reservations about ordering the Execution Plan since you see this type of stuff on social media pretty often.

I wish I had ordered it earlier!

We saw a 200% increase in traffic in just 7 days. Who knew that simple little adjustments can deliver so much."

- Frank Haverkate, Owner of Verify Air Quality Testing



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All payments are made securely by Stripe or PayPal.
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Instant Access to the Execution Plan

Bonus: Engagement Overdrive

Bonus: Weekly Micro-Insights

Special Bonus: The Crisis Letter

Free Updates for Life

Backed by the Risk-Free Guarantee



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All payments are made securely by Stripe or PayPal.
(You choose.)

Instant Access to the Execution Plan

Bonus: Engagement Overdrive

Bonus: Weekly Micro-Insights

Special Bonus: The Crisis Letter

Free Updates for Life

Backed by the Risk-Free Guarantee

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