A step-by-step guide to triple your profit with Google Ads.

Without paying an agency thousands per month.

Backed by the Risk-Free Guarantee.

If you're reading this - then you know how powerful Google Ads is for generating customers.

But you're not happy with your results...

Or you're not sure how to get started without losing boatloads of money.

With that in mind, I would like to present the Google Ads Profit Multiplier.

The Google Ads Profit Multiplier

Hi, I'm Shawn Joshi

1. I manage six-figure monthly budgets for ROI-focused advertising campaigns.

(Currently $350,000+ in monthly ad spend.)

2. I'm a certified Google Partner (click here to verify).

3. Over the last 9 years, I've helped 5,700+ companies with their marketing. This ranges from startups to 10-figure enterprises.

4. Check my LinkedIn Profile to see my experience.

My research has been featured on:

What is the Profit Multiplier?

Every business has a set of tasks that are repeated over and over again.

If they're smart, they...

  • Identify those tasks.
  • Document them.
  • And improve them each time.

Running ROI-focused Google Ads campaigns has been an obsession since 2011.

The Profit Multiplier is my set of processes for running effective Google Ads campaigns. It's built to increase your profitability.

The Profit Multiplier is the result of:

  • Spending 7 figures on commission-based ad campaigns.
  • Auditing 150+ Google Ads accounts (for clients).
  • Managing more than $350,000 per month in ad spend.

"Over the last 8 months alone, Shawn has driven more than 4,000 extra leads compared to last year, while also reducing our cost per lead by 27%.

It's been an absolute pleasure working with him."

- Miles Palmer, GlassMasters Autoglass

♟️ Winning with Ads (Mental Models)
  • Why principles are 10x more effective than tactics.
  • How to apply systems thinking to your campaigns.
  • Matching your offers with the best audiences.
  • How to stop your emotions from messing with your decision-making.

🧠 Google Ads Primer
  • A crash-course on the Google Ads platform.
  • How the auction works (two things you need to know).
  • The optimal structure for your campaigns (battle-tested with millions in ad spend).

🎯 Goals + Tracking
  • How to identify - and optimize for - your most important metrics.
  • Use this calculator to forecast your results with Google Ads.
  • One "quirk" of optimizing for profit.
  • Dead-simple instructions for using conversion tracking.

🔎 Research + Targeting
  • The 80/20 approach to keyword research (saving hours of work + thousands in wasted ad spend).
  • How to build audience forecasts for display and YouTube campaigns.
  • The best targeting options - based on campaign type.
  • How to unlock valuable insights with spy tools (and when to use them).

🔨 Campaign Building
  • My process for building skeleton campaigns.
  • The optimal way to organize your ad groups.
  • How to write search ads that get massive click-through rates.
  • The best approaches to ad creative on display and YouTube.
  • How to use the Ads Editor to work 2x faster.

📊 Optimization
  • 9 strategies for optimizing your campaigns (and when to use them).
  • My personal playbook for optimizing with filters.
  • 3 ways to scale (while avoiding diminishing returns).
  • How to automate your campaign management (without letting Google burn your budget).

Who's this for?

Business Owners + Operators:

If you manage a business or own it...

This will walk you through everything in an easy-to-apply format. 

The goal is to execute - not to confuse you with a bunch of technical terms.

Marketers + Agency Owners:

Running highly effective campaigns is a win-win for you and your clients:

Your clients are thrilled with the results - and can afford to increase budgets...

And managing more ad spend means you can increase your fees.

The Profit Multiplier makes the work scalable and repeatable.

What's inside?

The Profit Multiplier is optimized for taking action.

Each module is organized into "snackable" portions.

Here's what's inside:

Free Updates for Life

You get free updates and lifetime access for the one-time fee.

Google is constantly adding new campaign types and targeting options.

The Profit Multiplier is kept up-to-date to reflect these changes.

New strategies are also added - once I've personally tested them.

Here's what you get

The Profit Multiplier

You get instant access to all of my processes and strategies for running hyper-profitable Google Ads campaigns.

This includes everything outlined above.

Bonus: The Conversion Rocket Report

This special report was originally created for clients paying $3,000+ per month for my advertising services.

It outlines 8 easy-to-follow strategies for turning traffic into customers.

You'll see conversion rates spike when you use them.

No Upsells

I'm not going to try and upsell you on expensive services.

The Profit Multiplier is "self contained". 

That means you get access to everything you need inside.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can't I hire an agency to do this for me?

Of course you can.

But it's more expensive. 

Most agencies charge a minimum of $1,000 per month to manage Google Ads campaigns.

And many will lock you into long-term contracts.

For most businesses, it's more cost-effective to manage the campaigns themselves.

(Especially in this economic environment.)

I'm not a "techie" - will I be able to use this?


The Profit Multiplier was built for action. 

Not to confuse you with a bunch of technical terms.

The processes are kept as simple and as actionable as possible - without compromising results.

I'm a digital marketer who already knows about Google Ads. 
Will this be useful?

Hundreds of agencies and marketers have purchased the Profit Multiplier.

They find value in two ways:

  • They find processes they weren't aware of. Which improves results for their clients.
  • The documented processes are adopted for their internal use. This makes the work scalable and repeatable.

(Both are important considerations when trying to grow your business.)

I've been running Google Ads campaigns for a while. Will the Profit Multiplier still add value to my business?


Many companies aren't aware of all the levers they can pull for more profit in their campaigns.

That's what the Profit Multiplier shows you.

Are you just going to upsell me on high-priced services?


Everything you need to succeed is included in the the Profit Multiplier.

How fast can I expect results?

Once you've followed the processes, you can expect to see results within 2 weeks.

That's the beautiful thing about Google Ads...

The changes you make can have a quick impact on your bottom line.

How long will I have access to the Profit Multiplier?

You'll have lifetime access for the one-time fee.

New strategies are also added - once I'm sure they'll improve results.

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What happens when you follow the Profit Multiplier?

Your revenue increases while your advertising costs decrease.

Your revenue increases because:

1. You're using the right mental models for paid media.

2. You're building simple campaigns that are easy to manage.

3. The quality of your traffic increases dramatically.

4. You're working with the algorithms (instead of against them).

5. You'll know how to scale without hitting diminishing returns.

Your advertising costs decrease because:

1. You understand how (and when) to optimize campaigns.

2. The time spent managing your campaigns will decrease (time is money).

3. You'll know how to "cut the fat" in your targeting.

4. You won't fall victim to poor decision making (a.k.a. knee jerk reactions).

Bottom line: Your profit increases dramatically.

The Profit Multiplier gets results like this

1. A realtor increased qualified leads by 421%.

2. An e-commerce store went from losing money to making a 236% ROI.

3. A mortgage broker reduced their cost-per-lead by 57%.

4. A law firm added an average of 13 clients per month (new retainers).

"Shawn has worked with our company for a number of years.

During this time he has helped with our success with his innovative strategies and straight forward advice.

As we continue to grow, we see Shawn playing a growing role. He is an integral part of our team and a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Shawn!"

- Dan Eisner, True North Mortgage

The Risk-Free Guarantee

The only way to know if the Profit Multiplier is a good fit - is to see it for yourself.

So I want you to try it risk-free for 7 days.

This gives you more than enough time to review all of the processes.

If you don't love the Profit Multiplier - I'll refund every cent of your money.

All you need to do is email me at this address:

hello [at] shawnjoshi.com

After receiving your request, your refund will be processed within 24 hours.

"I've worked with Shawn on a number of performance marketing campaigns. 

He's run massive volume on offers in multiple countries/languages - and his traffic quality is always great.

Shawn's an experienced media buyer who knows how to get the most out of every campaign."

- AJ Manuel, Performance Marketing Manager

"It's been over a month since I implemented your Google Ads system and I seriously can't thank you enough for creating your guide. My ROI has been freaking incredible. 

Purchasing your guide is easily the best investment I have made all year."

- Fernando Alvarez, Kidtastic Bubbles

"Shawn is obsessive about his ad campaigns. He's never happy with his results - and is constantly finding new ways to elevate them.

It's how he achieves breakthrough results."

- Tawleen M., Makkar Marketing

The Profit Multiplier is currently closed to new members. More updates to come :)